Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Brian James Experience Episode 1

Saturday October 9th i had fun My Self,Kraftie,Chris Reed, and my manager Barbra Crashed an Art Gallery hosted by Artist Ann Mitchell who is also Head of the Art and Photography department at Long Beach City College. I have never attended an event like this before so i decided it was time for me to do so, besides i was performing next door at the Cellar in Long Beach Ca, and i had a hour to kill. So my team and i decided to check it out. After walking around exhibit for about 10 to 12 minutes she came over introduced herself and took time out to explain her work on her special night. That ment alot to us because she really didnt have to. Following Ms.Ann Mitchell and walked over to the Cellar and took the stage. Check out the video above to check out the Art and see our live perfomance.

Take Time out to google Ann Mitchell to see more of her work

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