Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Official Brian James "Freedom Summer" Video

Soul Vintage Artist Brian James releases his new album titled "Freedom Summer" inspired by the 1964 campaign that attempted to register as many African American voters as possible in Mississippi in a time when blacks were excluded from voting . Brian James Displays the outlook of a person who is determined to push forward in life and fight against struggle while inspiring others to do so over epic and live sounding instrumentation.With production by Chris Reed (also of Soul Vintage) and features from artist such as Brooke Taylor, Chauncey Maynor , Wanta kere, Alesha Ashley, Reyna Newby, Agallah the Don & more this album is set to make a statement that positive & uplifting music can still be a force in an industry driven by negativity and materialism. Its clear that this album by Brian James is "more than music, it's a state of mind".

Download Freedom Summer below:

Directed By Edric Silla

Produced by :ClassyDeer

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